Never Be Too Safe: 5 Questions to Ask a Coronavirus Cleaning Company

According to the CDC, cleaning most of the surfaces within your household or business will kill the Covid-19 virus. But, for those of us who take disinfecting seriously, this fact raises more questions.

What is the best way to clean? What products do you use? And should you hire a cleaning service? If you wonder about any of these questions, you are not alone.

While cleaning by yourself is effective, hiring a service can ensure your services are squeaky clean. It's crucial to hire a coronavirus cleaning company for your home or business. Pick the best services by asking these five questions before hiring.

1. Has Your Company Always Offered Cleaning?

To start, inquire about what the company's core operation is all about. What did they do before the pandemic began? Since March 2020, the world has seen an increased demand for cleaning services.

That means many companies have jumped on the Covid-19 cleaning bandwagon, even if they know nothing about disinfection. An honest business will tell you that they have always been a cleaning service.

However, if they hesitate or refuse to answer the question, it is time to move on. The reason for this is because the company won't know about the specifics of biohazard cleaning.

To kill the Covid-19 virus, you need to know about equipment and the best disinfectants to use. So, you need to ensure you hire someone who has offered residential and commercial cleaning as a primary service from the start.    

2. Are You Certified?

When you think of cleaners, you may not think about the need for certification. The thing is, you want the best of the best coming in to disinfect your residence or business.

Being certified is an insurance that the service you hire will remain compliant with the coronavirus cleaning protocol. It also shows that the employees undergo training and are back by a reputable organization.

3. What Chemicals or Solutions Do You Use?

There are rules when it comes to a cleaning agent for coronavirus. Your cleaners should know what kills the virus on surfaces and how well.

For instance, bleach solutions and alcohol 70% and higher will do the trick. But you could do that on your own.

You hire cleaners to come in with the heavy-duty stuff like CLO2 (chlorine dioxide) or disinfection spray containing:

  • Quaternary ammonium
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ethanol

When you ask this question, the company should not hesitate to tell you what they use. You should also pay attention to whether they give you solid facts about how much of the virus their products can kill. 

4. What Equipment Do You Use?

If you hire a service, they should come in with equipment. Anyone who merely wipes and sprays is not a reputable company.

You want people who use things like the electrostatic sprayer or E-Spray, which really does the job of killing the virus. Not only will these machines cover about 20,000 sq. ft/hour, but they also do not harm your surfaces, furniture, or other household items. 

5. How Effective Are Your Services?

Whatever service you speak with should give test results that show the effectiveness of their cleaning methods. When it comes to coronavirus cleaning, most services conduct testing via independent laboratories to provide their customers. 

Hire a Coronavirus Cleaning Company

We hope this guide helps you sort out which coronavirus cleaning company is best for you. At Express Cleaning, we are more than willing to answer these questions and provide you with certification proof and testing results.

We want your home and family to feel as safe as possible during these trying times. So, if you live in the New Jersey area, don't hesitate to give us a call and request an estimate today!

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