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Stop us if you’ve heard this one: You and your spouse go away for a lovely weekend getaway. You’ve been planning this retreat, just the two of you, for the last year. Little do you know that your kids have also been making plans. They’re going to throw the biggest party this side of Manalapan. While you’re enjoying mojito’s and lounging at the spa, your kids’ friends are making your living room ground zero for worst-mess-in-Manalapan history. When you walk in the front door, your muscles tense right back up as if you had never gone on your vacation at all. How are you going to clean this mess?

The answer: You won’t. At least, you don’t have to. No matter the situation, no matter the so-called “epicness” of your kids’ party, Express Cleaning Facility Services is here to wipe away the stain and make your Manalapan home as good as new. Our cleaners are courteous, professional, and polite. They won’t comment on the broken chandelier glass, the ripped-up curtains, or the unsavory after-effects of a good party gone bad. Your secret is safe with them while they work their magic on your kitchens, bathrooms, living room, and bedrooms to make them like new. Our cleaners will use the full force of our residential cleaning services to ensure that your home bears no lasting marks of the unsanctioned party heretofore mentioned. 

So, sit back, relax, and schedule another hour at the spa. You can ground your kids later. For now, let the magic makers of Express Cleaning of New Jersey take care of your post-event cleanup. Our affordable rates and high-quality services are the reasons why your neighbors in Manalapan have been recommending us for years.

Don’t believe the hype? Take a look at our online gallery to see our magic-makers in action. Then, give us a call at 732-794-6000 or an email at to learn more and get our cleaners out there for a one-time clean or to schedule regular clean-ups. Don’t forget, you can always request an estimate ahead of time, too. 

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