How to Ensure a Clean Office & a Healthy Workspace During the Ongoing Pandemic

Published November 16th, 2020 by Express Cleaning Facility Services

How are you making sure your staff stay safe during the pandemic?

Covid-19 has swept through nations, changing how billions of people live every day. One of the changes that a large chunk of the population experienced was working from home.

Being home kept people safe, but now that they're returning to work they're putting their health in your hands. You need to make sure you're providing all of your employees with a safe, Coronavirus-free environment that they can work in. 

To help you, check out our tops tips on maintaining a safe and clean office. 

1. Clear Unnecessary Items

Making sure you remove bacteria from surfaces is key in keeping your workplace safe. So, the fewer surfaces you have to clean, the better! Remove any unnecessary items, such as tables that don't serve a work purpose, decor, and seating areas that you don't really need. 

2. Clean All Works Areas Between Uses

You need to disinfect the office regularly if you want to keep the virus at bay. Between uses of space, make sure it's always sanitized. For example, if you're hot-desking and a new staff member comes in, make sure the desk is fully disinfected after the last use. 

3. Inform Staff on How to Clean Their Space

If you're wondering how can I sanitize my business so frequently? a great idea is to get staff involved.

Let them know how they can play a part in helping to disinfect the office, from washing kitchen items after they've used them to spraying down their own desk at the end of the day. They should also leave their desk area free of unnecessary items, making it easier for professional cleaners to disinfect the space after they've gone home. 

4. Identify Frequently Touched Areas

There are going to be a list of areas in your office that are more frequently touched than others. If you want to keep clean business premises, you need to identify these spots and disinfect them more regularly. Some frequently touched areas in your office could include:

  • Door handles
  • Lift buttons
  • Kettle handle
  • Toilet flush
  • Taps

If you can, try to disinfect these regularly throughout the day to keep your staff safe. 

5. Reduce the Need for Cleaning 

When it comes to top tips for how to clean the office, reducing the amount you actually need to clean is a bit of a hack! But it can easily be done.

You can reduce cleaning by limiting your staff's movement around your office, allocating work areas to specific people, and closing off unnecessary areas that you don't really need to use. 

You can also prop doors open so that handles don't need to be touched or installing sensors so that they open automatically.

Hire Professionals to Help Maintain a Clean Office

Maintaining a clean office during a pandemic can seem like an impossible challenge! If you're struggling, make sure to check out the services offered by our commercial cleaning company. We can help sanitize your workspace and keep your staff safe. 

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